Daffodil Planting Tips

Daffodil Bulbs

Order Early - This is not a marketing gimmick. Early orders generally get the pick of the crop. Your chances are better of getting exactly what you order with no surprises. Catalogs are generally sent in spring and early summer.

Read the Fine Print - Check the guarantee. Terms vary widely. Will they replace or refund in case of problems? Are the bulbs guaranteed true to name?

Compare Prices - Prices are not the same. Our opinion is that you do get what you pay for. Cheap bulbs are generally cheap for a reason. Smaller bulbs generally give smaller and fewer flowers. If it seems too good to be true, it may well be!

Be Aware - Some General Bulb Merchants routinely change bulb names, and some may even substitute varieties without your knowledge. We can't control it and we certainly don't encourage such practices. Ask other gardeners on the WEB about their experiences with specific suppliers.

Visit a Daffodil Show this Spring - Your local or regional spring daffodil show is a perfect place to view many different types of daffodils. You can easily find out which varieties do well in your part of the world .

Daffodil Classifications

Division 1 - Trumpet
One flower to a stem, corona (trumpet or cup) as long or longer than the perianth segments (petals).

Division 2 - Long Cup
One flower to a stem, corona (cup) more than one third but less than equal to the length of the perianth segments (petals).

Division 3 - Short Cup
One flower to a stem, corona (cup) not more than one third the height of the perianth segments (petals).

Division 4 - Double
Daffodils have a clustered cup, petals or both. There can be one or more flowers per stem.

Division 5 - Triandrus
Usually more than one flower to a stem, head drooping , perianth segments often reflexed and of silky texture.

Division 6 - Cyclamineus
One flower to a stem, perianth usually reflexed and corona straight and narrow. Some exceptions exist.

Division 7 - Jonquilla
Usually several flower heads to a stem, flowers usually fragrant, stem is round in cross-section and foliage is often rush like.

Division 8 - Tazetta
Usually three to twenty flowers to a stout stem, sweet scented and very short cupped . Perianth segments rounded and often somewhat crinkled .

Division 9 - Poeticus
Usually one flower to a stem. White petals sometimes stained with the corona color at the base, small flat cup edged with red . Fragrant.

Division 10 - Bulbocodium Hybrids
Small flowers resemble a "hoop petticoat" form.

Division 11 - Split Corona
Corona split for at least one third of its length.

Collar Daffodils
Split-corona daffodils with the corona segments opposite the perianth segments; the corona segments usually in two whorls of three

Papillon Daffodils
Split-corona daffodils with the corona segments alternate to the perianth segments; the corona segments usually in a single whorl of six

Division 12 - Other Cultivars
Daffodils not falling into any of the previous categories.

Division 13 - Species
All species and reputedly wild forms. Doubles of these varieties are included.